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EVS volunteer work

The Urgestein Foundation runs an international volunteer program for young adults from Europe and the Middle East in cooperation with the Naturkultur association. 

The stakes include:

  • Agricultural work in the Alpine region of the Gantrisch 

  • Work in the Bernaville Foundation, an institution for disabled people (gardening, bakery, sewing)

  • Participation in the regional winter sports work

  • Office work in the office of the Urgestein Foundation / the Naturkultur Association in Bern

Travel, board and lodging are covered by the European Volunteer Service program EVSaccepted. The volunteer placements are in consultation with Service Civil InternationalSCIcoordinated.

From September 2022 we welcome the two volunteers Raz from Israel and Issa from Palestine for their 12-month assignment here.

On her blog, Raz describes how lucky she is to have been given this opportunity.

For his part, Issa, who has never traveled extensively, says he's very excited to learn about a new culture.

If you are also interested in how the next year of Raz and Issa will go, follow their journey on their EVS blog: 


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